Always niche…

Originally formed in 2006, Futurestech was a vehicle initially solely for consulting interests.  Based in the gothic town of Strasbourg, France, Futurestech was formed to help smaller corporate firms address the bigger strategic issues of the day. The business gained clients as far afield as Denmark. One such project in the UK became the reason to relocate Futurestech back to the UK…

When back in the UK from 2010, Futurestech grew marketing wings!

Led by Caroline Leving an entrepreneur with many years experience leading one of the UK’s largest event management companies, Caroline imbued Futurestech with her creative talents.  Through word-of-mouth, clients joined together on a magical journey!

Whilst Caroline had many years ‘hands-on’ experience of marketing within blue-chip environments, the ‘creative studio’ had to be built from scratch. The studio had to deliver a wide range of mainly digital solutions, so investment was made in hardware, software and of course, people.

Since its early beginnings in 2010, the business has been kept small and beautiful.  Led by Caroline Levine, the team generally floats around 10 people depending on the projects in hand at any one time.

Some awards have been won along the way, however, the goal is to provide a niche and very focused service to a select few who enjoy and value the benefits of experienced brand marketeers.

Founder Caroline Levine presentated with David Lalubin besoke briefcase

“I set out to make a small difference. And quality is the only approach that lifts me there.”

Our (unusual) approach

One of the important lessons of marketing for us has been that marketing ‘is’ the business.  We realise many only see the most visible part – the marketing ‘communication’. But in reality, marketing is much more than this. So our preferred approach is to work with our clients collaboratively.

We term this an ‘integrated’ approach.

Of course, we remain a contracted ‘service provider’, however, we view each client as a partner. This is more than a philosophical perspective. We work much harder than most to be visibly part of our client team. Even when clients have been abroad, e.g. California, we have used technology to ensure that our connection is seamless.

We also bring a pro-active approach to our activities. Each client project will have a set of agreed deliverables. But almost in 100% of cases, we have over-delivered when we spot chance to benefit our clients. In several cases, we have spotted strategic opportunity that has been developed to considerable economic advantage.

And whilst it seems brash to state, we are valued operationally and in the Boardroom.  Almost all our clients engage us in the Boardroom to help shape their strategy. And as marketing is often the tool to deploy initiatives, we are well-placed to become part of the solution.


We have hand-picked our team over several years for their capability.  Our core studio comprises of a small team who have a breadth of capability covering graphic design (print & digital), digital development  (UX, SEO, MySQL, SQL, XHTML, CSS, XML, SOAP, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, AJAX, API development & interface, Magento, WordPress & Joomla), videography, photography, content creation, social media & PR.

Our strengths are generally related to brand identity and its deployment over multiple media & touch-points.  We are particularly skilled in digital PR with the ability to create video & content which is deployed over bespoke digital e-platforms.

For some types of project, such as mobile apps, we will partner with specialist firms to provide a ‘single source’ when required. Alternatively, we can work collaboratively with a specialist as required.

Know more?

It’s important to find the right fit with any business partner. Whilst a website can provide a flavour of a business, nothing can replace a conversation.

If you have a potential project, or even if you simply want to explore ideas, we would like to hear from you.

Please find enclosed our contact details to the right.

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