Be Responsive, ensure you are mobile/tablet friendly

Be Responsive; ensure you’re mobile/tablet friendly

Google changed their algorithm and now penalises sites that are not mobile friendly!

Google changed its search engine algorithm yesterday and is now penalising websites for not being responsive (i.e. mobile and tablet friendly).

This means that people searching on mobile devices will find it harder to find you. Even if you are currently ranking first on a desktop search! If your site is not mobile-friendly and people search from a mobile, Google will not list you first, so if you are lucky your site will be listed pages and pages down the search engine rankings.

It’s now imperative that new websites are specifically designed and built to be responsive so they work well across desktop, tablet and mobile. See some great examples we have built recently, see Urdang and Smartdrive for great examples of besoke sites.

Just a couple of years ago, only a very few people were using their mobiles to browse the web or to buy online. But things have changed now mobile users typically make up 50% of the visitors to a site and over 50% of new website searches now start on a mobile or tablet.

If you don’t already have a responsive website you could be left behind. With more sites now being mobile-friendly, there is also a strong likelihood that if users do find your site they will click off it straight away if they find it hard to use on their phone. Worse they will probably visit a competitor’s site instead.

This is a great opportunity to improve your online presence by:

  • Improving your site’s user experience
  • Demonstrating your company is keeping up with the latest web trends
  • Increasing enquiries, leads, sign-ups and/or sales on mobile and
  • Improve Google rankings and gain more site visitors

Find out how to ensure your website is mobile-friendly and improve search engine rankings & go responsive.