KPMG's largest Data Observatory in Europe

Big data observatory boosts analytic insights

The largest Data Observatory in Europe opens today, 3rd November 2015, at Imperial College’s Data Science Institute in London.

This amazing curved shaped, 315° data observatory can show streets in London, lines in the metro system in Shanghai and more. Made up of 64 x 46” monitors, 130 megapixels and powered by 32 computers, it can manage an awful lot of data!

The Chinese president, Mr Xi Jinping, during a state visit last month saw the observatory as well as staying at Buckingham Palace.

The value of being able to pull all data together & visualise it is the ability to work through problems that haven’t yet occurred, to predict patterns that are going to happen and possibly prevent catastrophic problems, for example what to do if a line in the Shanghai metro failed.

Big data presented in this way helps show a macro view that will help solve problematic situations. Patterns of relationships or partnerships between clinicians, patients, biologists and other experts will help to build (literally) a big picture visualisation. Worldwide records of asthma patients can be analysed and may give the ability to see if particular gene is common in them.

Some of KPMG's new data observatory screens

The observatory transforms data information such as migration patterns and commuter movements into images. These are not the only data it can tackle, the applications are endless. Advanced analytics using data on investigating online fraud, tracking climate change and the solar system could lead to answers on tough questions.

KPMG partly funded the observatory but no confirmation has been given on the actual cost involved to build it. The founding premiss was the notion of “A picture is 1,000 words”. Humans are able to interact & convey messages easier through visualisations so being able to bring that data, visualise it, spot patterns and identify opportunities for organisations makes decision making easier. The hope is that the new observatory will help generate insights to help businesses improve products & services and stay competitive.

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