Time out for mobile phones!

McDonald’s & Coca-Cola have created a timeout app to get you off your phone! 

Mobile attitudes may be changing as this recent app highlighted in Trendwatching’s July 2014 Trend Briefing on Innovation Celebration is designed to encourage people to focus on the people around them rather than on their mobile phones!

In May 2014 in the Philippines, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola partnered to launch the app to reward users for not using their phones.

Individuals in a group open the app to begin the timeout and points are earned for every moment the phones are not used. As soon as anyone operates their phone, the timeout ends. The scores of every user are then ranked on a public leaderboard, and prizes included trips to Japan and Singapore.

With mobile phone consumers everywhere using their devises for numerous tasks, consumers often find themselves fixated to what is often nothing more than a dull social media notification.

This is a perfect example of how apps are catering to reflect changing consumer attitudes to over-zealous mobile use.

New app gives time out for mobile use