Time Saving Mobile Apps!

Insurance company Esurance have introduced a video link mobile app for accident damage assessments!

With ever increasing usage of mobile technology, consumer expectations are also reshaping. Companies are turning to ever-more innovative technology ideas in order to meet these new customer demands.

In March 2014, Esurance revealed an exciting new app that allows their customers to video chat with an Esurance appraiser and receive feedback or quotes immediately. This recent app was highlighted in Trendwatching’s July 2014 Trend Briefing on Innovation Celebration and instantly quickens the insurance process after an accident – cost effective and time-saving for both the customer and company. Rather than having to wait for an appraiser to inspect in-person, customers can have any damage assessed via their phone camera there and then!

Watch the video below to see how the app works:

This inventive app proves just how much consumer behaviour is changing with customers expecting convenience and accessibility via their mobile phones.