How to recharge your phone (or MP3 player) by walking around

Harvest your kinetic energy – your energy in motion!

The nPower® PEG captures and stores your kinetic energy; the energy you generate while walking, running, or biking. Just place it in your backpack, briefcase, or purse and go about your daily activities. As you move, it will continuously top-off its internal battery providing you with extra power when you need it. –When you’re on the go. And, if you’re in an emergency situation, shaking it will give you the ability to call for help or get in touch with a loved one.

The nPower® PEG is the only product of its kind. It’s the world’s first passive kinetic energy charger for hand-held electronics. And, it makes renewable energy generation personal.

The product is based on a 180-year-old discovery that lets you generate electricity while walking or running

At $160 – to go on sale later this year in the US – it’s a straightforward idea for harvesting what would otherwise be surplus energy. (It works by moving a magnet through a coil – which of course generates an electric current, as demonstrated by Michael Faraday in 1831 – but adds some patented technology.

It really is pretty ingenious and sustainable, indeed.

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