Agencies seek to engage potential customers with interactivity and dialogue

Digital is no longer an afterthought, it has to be at the core of advertising, because that’s where many people are living today.

From branded art installations to commercial microsites, events are generating social media traffic, with visitors posting pictures and sharing songs. This sort of venture offers clients benefits unobtainable in traditional advertising: Very specific information about their customers from the website – such as which products they’re going to, in what sort of numbers. Look at how your current activity will help populate your social media platforms?

The shift to social is about growing and deepening a conversation with a group of people who are interested in your brand. Instead of just running campaigns which say ‘Buy our product’ and ‘Here’s our latest message’, it’s about maintaining a long-term discussion, fuelling it with entertaining things to talk about.

The smartest brands today are developing robust Facebook groups with up to millions of active users. Get creative about the sorts of things that would engage your target market.

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